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Chan Rong Fen Building Construction Pte Ltd (“CRF”) produce exceptional quality aerial drone photography and videography in Singapore using the latest GPS enabled UAV drone.


CRF has Operator Permit from CAAS which means we are licensed commercial operator of UAV in Singapore. 


All our pilots have passed both theory and practical assessment, and hold the UA Pilot License (UAPL) for multi-rotor aircraft under 7kg.


Our skilled and experienced pilots are capable of operating drone near difficult location, while maintaining the highest level of standards in safetyOur Drone features a fully stabilised 3-axis gimbal with a sensor camera that shoots 4k video, 20-megapixels photos, and support filters

Aerial Photography Service

  • We have a wide variety of services which include:

    • Aerial photos and videos for events/marketing

    • Commercial property aerial photography and videography

    • Aerial photography for construction sites

    • Drone building and roof inspection

  • We will contact you upon receiving your order within 3 working days.

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